PhD(C) en Sciences infirmières

Domaine d’intervention: Science infirmière

1       M Kiyung Victor, PhD(C) en Sciences infirmières

Kiyung,V.M. (2017). Chronic illness among the elderly: perception and human caring approach in the Banso community, North West region, Cameroon, Africa. Tropiques Santé 5, Yaoundé: Press de l’UCAC.

Kiyung, V.M. (2019). Global Perspective of caring in congenital heart disease: An Integrative Review. Tropiques Santé 5, Yaoundé: Press de l’UCAC (“en cours” or in progress)

Kofon, J.K., Dzelamonyuy, E. C., Nchang,F. C., & Kiyung, V. M., (2019). Presumptive malaria diagnosis; a combination of clinical features, http://www.hindawi.com (In progress- 4167414: Authors’ Feedback)